Remastering Glory Days

Hello Friends! Tonight’s Feature Image is remastered from 2018 and titled “September Crossing 91518RM” all the photos found on my website are my original work and are available for purchase by clicking the thumbnail and reaching out to me on the contact page.

Within the past few days I’ve overheard more than one person refer to the “Glory Days” with nostalgia. The intention of course was a longing for the days of youth when life was simple and responsibilities were few. God never intended for life to drudgery and constant tasks. Adam’s job was fairly simple. To oversee a self-sustaining garden and give everything a name. In fact if you read carefully the Garden of Eden was Adam’s charge. There he answered only to God meaning that he authority over the Angels that were within his charge. But that’s a deeper thought for another day. The point here is that his responsibility wasn’t a burden. He was in his “Glory Days”. Of course we know how that ended. He was drawn to the only place in the garden where the authority wasn’t his and he fell from grace through an act of disobedience. He lost his charge and from that day on he was burdened. I couldn’t find the verification on the origin of the phrase “Gory Days” but I always thought it was the days before the fall of mankind. But the words have a slightly different meaning today. We think of it as simply meaning “when things were better”, specifically in the past. The scenarios are different but the basics are usually the same. The athletes long for the days when they mastered the field. Some long to regain the beauty that they once held and even the scholar misses being the head of the class. But is it true that all Glory Days are in the past?

If that’s true then we struggle with the maintenance of yesterday at the expense of tomorrow. According to Newton the whole universe is in a constant state of decline and the best we can hope for is to lose glory as slowly as possible and even then we will eventually fail. According to this conventional wisdom it’s a lost cause. But what if conventional wisdom is wrong. What if your potential for future success was limited only by your perspectives? To return to the biblical analogy for a moment we are promised that the end is better than the beginning and what we see in this world is only a transition and the higher glory is in the future.

John Glenn certainly felt like his first trip into space was a lifetime achievement and that was his glory days but at age 77 he returned to space in a more sophisticated ship. If his focus was only on the past then he might have turned down the opportunity and never had his higher glory. Instead of sitting in a chair somewhere recalling the time when he was great he worked and trained to go beyond his first achievement. All it really takes is to recognize that the finish line hasn’t been crossed yet and move forward. We can remaster our lives in the same way I remastered the Featured Image. By taking advantage of new opportunities ( like new and more sophisticated software) and learning to let go of the past.

Good night friends and be blessed throughout your days.

Announcement 2.0

For those who have been following me on Facebook and know of the struggle content providers have to get circulation from big tech I’ve been recommending for people to adopt MeWe as a social media platform. One of the problems I’ve run into on MeWe is that people don’t know how to navigate the platform. So to help with that I’ve created a permanent page on my website as a basic Basic Beginner’s Guide To MeWe I’ve tried to anticipate all basic questions there and You can bookmark the page to have as a reference and if you have any questions or suggestions don’t hesitate to contact me. I do still have a day job and I help admin several pages on both platforms so replies might be a little slow but I will answer you.

We also have the Lloyd’s Lens Photography Discussion Group on MeWe that is set up as a fully functional community. There you’ll not only be able to see and connect with me but you can also make your own posts and interact with each other.

I want you to join my group on MeWe:

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