The Fly On The Flowers

Hello Friends! Tonight’s Feature Image is titled “Belvosia Borealis 72621a”. I realize that it would be a very special person who would want photos of a fly as home decor. However, there are those who might be educators that want a photo for a classroom etc. All photos found on my website are my original work unless otherwise specified and are available for purchase by clicking the thumbnail and reaching out to me on the contact page.

The highland delta at Muddlety Creek always seems to offer interesting subjects to photograph. And even though I’m reluctant to actually take a camera onto the water this is one place that I might consider it if I had the right boat. But I digress. As I cautiously work my way around the edge of the swamp the slow lumbering flight pattern of a large fly catches my attention. Now a lot of my photo sessions start with my spotting “target of opportunity” and calibrating my eye by taking a few practice shots. I have a good macro lens for insects and the like but experience has taught me that in order for that to work the subject has to be comfortable with my sticking the lens in its face. Most insects flee long before you can get that close so I use the long lens and turn the session into a tiny safari. (This also helps keep your shadow out of the shot.) I snapped a few pictures and noticed that this particular fly was a tacinid. It’s not a biting fly like a horse fly or a black fly. It’s not a house fly or a blow fly. This fly is a free form of pest control and a friend of gardeners. It proved to be “Belvosia Borealis”. And it’s currently pollinating Queen Anne’s Lace which is a type of wild carrot. But that’s really just a side benefit. Tacinid flies are parsitoid flies. That is, like the Great Golden Digger Wasp in last night’s post they start life as a parasite on pest insects.

Image titled “Belvosia Borealis 72621b”.

To be honest I couldn’t find a whole lot of details about which specific pests are controlled by this specific species of Tachinid. There are a lot of individual species and it’s common for each species to target a specific handful of hosts. As a group Tachinid flies help control pests like tomatoe hornworm, gypsy moth, tent caterpillar (AKA army worms) and even squash bugs and Japanese Beetles. The Tachinid flies require a living host to reproduce and it’s not really pleasant but in doing so they can help prevent millions of dollars in crop loss each year. The additional benefit is that instead of a build up of toxic chemicals in the food chain you basically have a biological robot that kills pests, pollenates certain crops and is safe for the birds and fish to consume.

Image Titled “Belvosia Borealis 72621c”. You can see that this fly wants to make you think it’s a bee.

This Belvosia fly has yellow stripes like a bee and if you look closely at the first two images it has blue eyes. I thought that it might just be reflecting the sky but in other online pictures this seems to be the same in all of them. As far as flies go it almost looks like a cartoon fly. Another feature of Tachinid flies is that spiked hairdo. Multiple sources make reference to it being the “Punk Rock Fly”.

In closing I’ll suggest that when you see this one don’t reach for the swatter but instead let it go and and rid your garden of the real pests.

Good night friends and be blessed throughout your days.

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