The Story Of The Traveler & The Mountain Man

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The two men stared at each other for a few minutes. The Mountain man was very tall. The traveler guessed him to well over six and a half feet tall hefty built. His untamed beard flowed across his chest and mixed with the furs his jacket was made of. The smell of gunpowder still hung in the air as the mountain man grabbed the dead bear by the scruff of its neck and threw it over one shoulder. “It’s bad manners too waste a kill and to clean it on the trail. ” The mountain man explained. He carried the bear out of sight of the trail and cleaned it with a stone knife. He explained that even though he owned several good steel knives that the stone actually held a better edge against the tough hide of the bear. He finished the work quickly and cleaned his hands in the cold water of a small drainage. He gave a sharp whistle and soon a little donkey emerged from bushes. The mountain man retrieved a bundle from the donkey and started packing the meat. “He’ll drag the packed meat on a travios but if you try to place the carcass on his back he’ll buck it off and we’ll not see him for days.” The traveler understood. Once while in Spain he’d seen the results of a strong headed visvount who insisted that his servants load a roe deer on the horse with him for a photo. The servants protested to no avail and as soon as the buck’s body touched the skin of the horse it reared in a most spectacular fashion and left at full gallop with the viscount hanging on for dear life and blaming his servants with unmentionable profanities.

The mountain man invited the traveler back to his camp t enjoy a hot meal and to get some real rest with just one more day on this part of the trail. The traveler agreed and before too long he found himself seated in front and the open fire of a small but very traditional looking Scottish Blackhouse. The mountain man had fashioned a large table from stone slabs in front of windbreak. A couple of large chunks of bear meat roasted over the fire and the fat dripped into a clay pot for rendering later. As served the traveler his meal of fire roasted meat with wild herbs the mountain man explained that this his remote camp and that his permanent homestead was a day’s journey away. His real name was Malachi and he’d actually actually been a physician during the war between the states after which he craved a simpler life and returned to the ways of settlers that came before him. The traveler too had been a soldier in the Civil War. Afterwards he’d spent a few years as a journalist in Europe and had come home to learn that his childhood love interest had disappeared in the mountains while heading west as part of the expansion. He produced a locket from inside his shirt with her portrait. Malachi remembered her. Her horse had thrown her and he treated her wounds and granted hospitality to her group as well. He stroked his beard a moment and looked the traveler in the eye. “You must be Daniel”. He said with a nod. “That I am sir.” The traveler replied with a smile….

Good night friends and be blessed throughout your days.

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