Glade Creek Grist Mill at Babcock State Park 

The Glade Creek Grist Mill at Babcock State Park in West Virginia is one of our most popular places. It’s especially popular with artists and photographers.  I think the reason why we’re so atracted to it.  The mill harkens us back to a simpler time when life was more organic.  The days when water and horses powered our technology. This allowed for a life that was less micro managed.  There was time for friends and family to meet beside a steam and enjoy life.  Small stones accumulated in a pool near the bank hold an entire world of colors and shapes.  Insects and crayfish dart around in the pool like waterborne fairies performing a dance.  This is what real life is. 

 The mill is still in operation certain times of the year.  We have friends who still take grain to the mill and grind it flour.  Home baked bread from home raised grain has a smell and a flavor not found in the bleached out over processed chunks of starchy foam that comes in a plastic bag.  Real bread is a wonderful experience.  

Today the subject of automation is discussed at length.  There are doubts and fears as well as hopes and dreams.  I  look at the image here that represents the automation of the past and I’m reminded that  before the mill all that flour had to be ground by hand.  There would have been no time for observation of life in the water.  No time for pleasant conversations about life.  I have hope that automation of the future will provide the same benefits if we are wise with it’s use. 

If you’re interested in visiting the Glade Creek Grist Mill at Babcock State Park in West Virginia  you might want to check out the link below.  

Glade Creek Grist Mill at Babcock State Park 

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