The Memory Of A River

From foundation of the world I came forth. Yes, I know the voice of God Almighty.

I remember the time before your ancestors came. And the time before those who first walked here.

As the ages passed this bounty was my joy to provide. My purpose in creation was providence.

I remember your laughter along my shores.

I know the names of every young boy who laid aside his responsibly to draw a fish from my waters.

I remember when your young maidens played and danced here.

I have worked without rest to deliver the boat and it’s cargo. My strength is yours to command.

I remember your struggles and the days when brother killed brother.

I remember the hard times when you had very little money and yet so much joy.

Today, I weep with you for I remember the things which you have forgotten.

Perhaps, if you can just put away your little black gazing box for a little while. Put it back in your pocket and pull the wires from your ears.

Gaze on my shores instead. Listen to the songs of birds and insects in the day. And, the frogs and crickets by night.

Do your legs remember running? Can you still feel the joy of racing the wind along my shores?

The melting ice will soon give way to a blanket of moss.

The warm sun will awaken the bloom and color will return.

Awaken yourself. Return to me. Come and play in my waters.

I am the River.

27 thoughts on “The Memory Of A River

  1. Such an awesome ย pictures like this as I view the pictures in your post.

    ย You really make my day reading and viewing this one.

    Thanks. Again. You can check me up on my blog also

    Peace โœŒand Love โค

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      1. Thanks for replying ย back to me.

        I guess you find my replies to your comment interesting.

        Am totally happy I made you smile ย โ˜บ OK…

        I really enjoyed such comment that is while

        Peace โœŒand Love โค

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