The Dirty Birdie

For whatever reason Kanawha Falls is popular with one of the most under appreciated birds in North America. The Turkey Vulture. Also known as the Buzzard they can be seen soaring high over the mountains just minding their own business or patrolling the highways and railways looking for road kill. They’re generally non-aggressive and will quickly fly off when approached. Perhaps they’re aware of their reputation. I wonder how many times he’s been called a “Dirty Bird” to his face and shooed away. That’s bound to take a toll on one’s self image no matter how high you can fly.

Science says that he holds out his wings like this so he can get warmed by the morning sun but after thinking about what his life must be like I think he just wants a hug.

It’s a lonely world out there for someone who doesn’t seem to fit in. While on one hand it’s necessary to be on guard and protect yourself it’s just as important to not judge a person by their circumstances or their looks. Be kind to those who cross your path.

8 thoughts on “The Dirty Birdie

    1. They’re slightly smaller than a golden eagle. We have a breeding pair of bald eagles on the river now for the first time in my life. I have seen one that still has his spotted feathers and that’s what I was looking for when the Buzzard landed.

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      1. It is so much fun to have majestic birds to observe and photograph. It is interesting that you got a great shot of the buzzard while looking for the bald eagle. 🙂

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      2. Spending time in nature is my sanctuary time with Christ. Sometimes when I’m out I just ask Him what He has to show me today. Sometimes it’s a bird or a tree or rock or flowers etc.
        We all know it’s important to study scriptures and pray but if we’re not making an effort to listen to His voice then we’re missing the point of the scriptures and prayer. 😀

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