The Bunny

The office of my day job is located in a reclaimed strip mine. What was once spoiled land is now a virtual wildlife preserve on the edge of the city. This little bunny lives raises it’s family on our parking lot. Every morning she can be seen munching on the clover with her brood. I wouldn’t say that she’s tame but she is accustomed to the presence of humanity. She actually allowed me to get pretty close for this shot. She had developed a little bit of trust in the workers who came to hwr home every day. Trust is a very fragile quality for as soon as I moved she took off like nobody’s business. I’ll continue to watch her and her babies and who knows, perhaps one day she’ll trust me enough to get even better shots.

11 thoughts on “The Bunny

  1. Look at that awesome photo! How far were you from her? I suppose you made a zoom here and yet it looked as if you took this shot just a feet away from her. She’s beautiful and calm, love this.

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    1. Thank you Apple Rae 😁 I was more or less 20 feet ( 6 meters). I have gotten much closer to her but at close range she won’t tolerate me kneeling down to her level of much more than a pause while walking by.
      The shot was taken with a Panasonic Lumix and Lica lense at about 88 mm focal length. According to the metadata and my best recollection.

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