I think I could take a whole day and just sit by the river. I have learned a little something about myself on those rare occasions when I can actually go fishing. I do it just as an excuse to be in nature. I always try to two poles. One that I just set up and leave in case something bites and another with a lure that I can just cast out and retrieve. I don’t really care if even catch anything. I just enjoy being near the water. The building you see here is the hydroelectric power plant. Like the turbine I’m recharged by the flow of water. It doesn’t matter if it’s spending the day out in nature or just sitting in your favorite chair and thinking or whatever your muse is don’t forget to take time out your busy schedule and recharge.

6 thoughts on “Recharge

  1. I recently had dinner with friends and family in a beautiful location. Idyllic locations really do allow you to recharge, they have the power to remind you of the beauty of nature and how beautiful the world remains even in the face of so much tragedy and heart-ache.

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  2. I guess the only time i get recharged is when am opportune to visit the zoo, probably sounds childish but it makes me remember the garden of eden where there was lack of problem and hard times. I commend you on your always inspiring posts.

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