Keeping A Positive Thought.

Most of us are familiar with The Little Engine That Could. However, it occurs to me that some of my international friends may not have been told the story as a child so here is a summery.

The little train engine was loaded heavy and faced a long stretch of tracks up a steep mountain. The climb was hard but he kept repeating “I think I can. I think I can.” Over and over until he was over the top. It’s a preschool classic tale about the power of positive thinking. Proverbs 23:7 tells us that the Heart’s thoughts forms us into what we are as a person. In other words, how we identify ourselves determines how we behave. Do we see ourselves as the happy one? The fun one? The smart one? Maybe we see ourselves as the one who has a good heart but is always being taken advantage of. Whatever it is it’s that self identity that influences what we will do in any given situation. Even if the choice is being made subconsciously we are still making a choice. What forms that self identity can be pretty complicated but as I understand it we get a lot of this from the opinions of others. I once witnessed one of the cruelest pranks known to mankind when working in a prefab housing factory. The short version is that multiple people who was in on the prank simply asked this person if he was feeling okay. No suggestion of what might have caused the question was to be made. After several inquiries the otherwise healthy young man left early claiming he felt ill. The opinions of the group had so much influence on his opinion of himself that he manifested symptoms of illness. The next day he was told by several people that he looked well and that his recovery was amazing and he had one the most productive days ever! It was all done by manipulating his opinion of himself. And that brings me back to The Little Engine That Could. By repeating to himself that positive thought over and over he brought out the best that was inside himself and overcame the obstacle before him.

I try to keep these two stories in mind when I’m feeling down. One of them I learned as a child and the other I witnessed first hand. The lesson I learned was that positive thoughts can improve my quality of life. Also, with the rise of social media we’re more likely to encounter people like the coworkers who made a person sick simply with the power of suggestion. Keep that in mind when listening to the negative opinions yourself and others that might be floating around out there and never hesitant to give a kind word to someone who might need it to get through the day.

11 thoughts on “Keeping A Positive Thought.

  1. This positive thinking thing hasnโ€™t really caught on where I live, everybody is always talking about how bad things are. Maybe youโ€™re right and if we have a better outlook then things will improve, inspiring post Lloyd.

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  2. Powerful write-up. I know someone who is experiencing this right now, where they believe that they are being taken advantage of. Iโ€™m going to try and offer her the suggestion of spinning the narrative instead โ€œas someone who is kind but knows her boundaries.โ€ I really hope it helps her. Because when I told myself that Iโ€™m a boss, I kind of become one. ๐Ÿ˜‡

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  3. Thank you for sharing this important message, I love that story! As you are saying here, “Our words have power.” In the same way that we shouldn’t mindlessly eat unhealthy foods, we shouldn’t feed our body negative or, “Junk” thoughts either. I’m glad you added the point about social media into this, I don’t think enough people realize how toxic it can be.

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