When It’s Time For A Break

The trees seem to be standing like pillars that bridge the gap between heaven and earth. Certain trees seem to draw you to them. We sit beneath the boughs and just soak in the peaceful feeling. As the outside world melts away from my mind all the clutter and chaos of the day goes with it. A person can talk to God anytime they want to but to listen to God we need to silence the mind and open the heart. Our lives seem to be full of clutter today. T.V., social media, job stress, financial concerns and political stuff are always piled up around our ears. While it is important to keep a tab on the issues modern life it’s just as important to take a regular break from the world an center yourself. I have found that if I can take just a few minutes per day to enjoy solitude with God it strengthens me to deal with everything else.

5 thoughts on “When It’s Time For A Break

  1. Beautiful. So true. In Islam, we have 5 prayers scattered throughout the day and night which is both difficult but important because like you said it’s so easy to get sidetracked and forget our true purpose.

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    1. It’s very easy to get sidetracked. In Christian belief we’re supposed to be in perpetual communication with God but so many people have misunderstood and pray only when they need something. When we talk with God it’s supposed to be more like a conversation with your best friend or father.

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