Where Are The Mountains Moving To?

A light breaks through the morning mists as if it is plowing a pathway for travel. The long mournful sound of horn in combination with the thunder of wheels proceeds the screeching of the brakes as the train pulls into the tipple. I ease my big blue truck into the wide spot near the berm. A mountain is waiting to be loaded onto the train and moved to the power plants and steel mills. If the miners are the men who pull light out of the darkness then the railroad workers are the men who move mountains.

One of local engines CSX 7979 was recently spotted in California by my fellow blogger Russel Ray. Russel is real train buff who was able to track CSX 7979 back to Huntington West Virginia. I never really expected that any of our trains would be found that far West!

I suppose that it shouldn’t surprise me. Our coal goes into the grid as electricity and into the iron that becomes steel. It’s almost as if there is a little piece of our mountains in almost everything that is either made from steel or uses electricity. Look around. You probably have a piece of Appalachia in your home too.

5 thoughts on “Where Are The Mountains Moving To?

    1. Our mountains are full of high quality coal that is mined, loaded onto trains and shipped out for either electricity or carbon to make steel. We supply electricity to a major part of the eastern United States. The mountain are leaving in the form of coal. (Just a little bit at a time. ) because Amerian steel is shipped all over the world and the steel contains carbon from our coal you might have a little teeny tiny part of our mountains in the steel objects you own 😊


    1. Thank you Sophia. That’s a train about to be loaded with coal out of the mountain behind me. I took the picture from my truck while parked on the edge of road. I should really do a full spread of this tipple. The coal travels out of the mountain and over the road on a huge conveyer belt. It’s cleaned and graded just to left of what you see in the photo.

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