Stepping Through A Gateway Into A New World

I grew up watching old black and white reruns of the Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits. A lot of the plot was always an analogy of the cold war but there was often the idea of an alternate reality. A world that almost identical to our own only with a few key differences. Tonight I’m wondering “what if I had chosen to do X instead of Y”? Our lives are a collection of the small choices that we make on a regular basis. So what if A gateway opened in front of you? On the other side of the reality you could see all the maybes that were the options that you didn’t choose. Would you step through? Would you really want to know what you missed? And what if by choosing to do things differently you changed the here and now? Would you have the life you really wanted? And what if I told you that every grain of sand that slips through the hour glass of our lives was it’s own little gateway to change? What if you discovered you didn’t have to change everything all at once in order to effect the outcome? What if by changing where and how the next grain of sand falls just a little we could effect the overall impact on our lives and that those changes compound into a big difference?

What does it take to make these changes? I guess it’s going to depend on what you want to change. For most of us the goal is to enhance the life we have instead of trying to replace it all together. We want to learn a new skill but don’t want to pay for a class until we see if we enjoy it. So the answer is look online and I’ll bet you can find someone on YouTube or other platforms teaching for free. If the goal is to get in shape or improve overall health the answer could be a pleasant stroll at some point in day. The hard one is a change in attitude. You have to consciously decide to alter your reactions over and over throughout the whole day. But eventually something happens and the change gets easier until you’re a new person.

We don’t need Rod Sterling to open up a magical vortex into the brave new world in order change our reality. All we need to take the opportunity as it arises and commit to the action.

14 thoughts on “Stepping Through A Gateway Into A New World

  1. As many struggles as I have had I would not change my past, it made me who I am today! I treasure the simple things in life! Your pictures and thoughts are a true delight to my day ๐Ÿ™‚ thank you for sharing

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    1. I just told a friend this morning that I think it works like muscle memory. When an athlete practices free throws he tries to repeat the exact same action over and over until it becomes instinct. That s called muscle memory. There’s actually biological changes in the motor nerves. I think our processing nerves have to be trained in the same way. We have focus on the correct attitude and doing it correctly until it becomes instinct.

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  2. Such a great message! I love the photograph and what youโ€™ve done with the clouds, it looks a bit like a question mark which goes well with the theme of the subject. Iโ€™ve been thinking about what would happened if I had continued studies Journalism but I realise who says I still canโ€™t pursue it? Blogging is a great way to write articles, so all I can do, like you said, is to enhance what I have right now and use it to the best of my abilities to get closer to my goals. The past is set in stone but the future isnโ€™t. ๐Ÿ™‚

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