September 22nd 2018. The First Day Of Fall

As I stepped out of the house today the signs of Fall were everywhere. The Box Elder tree in the yard is really dropping it’s leaves. The air is cooler and less humid than yesterday. Soon the green leaves will turn golden yellow, red and orange. Early Fall is a great time to be outdoors. The oppressive heat of mid to late summer gives way to the cool dry winds from the North. This the time of year that we would start putting up firewood for the winter. The smell of the fresh cut oak mixed with coffee from a thermos during a work break will forever be one of my most cherished memories. I can remember sitting on the tailgate of a pickup truck and watching the squirrels play as I ate my lunch. The mottled light pours in from the broken forest canopy and in the distance the sound of footfalls in the dry leaves let’s me know that I’m not alone. I hop off the tailgate and peek through the bushes to see a buck looking back at me. His antlers are still in velvet. His nostrils flare as he tries to catch my scent. I make one move forward and he snorts fiercely then disappears into the shadows of the closest thicket.

Another thing that I look forward to in fall is homemade stew. Often the firewood collected in fall would soon be put to good use just a few short weeks later. We heated the house with a Fisher wood burning stove. A large stock pot and a low flame kept the stew simmering for hours. The smell of cooked tomatoes and carrots and a beef roast filled the house. The stew was always thick and rich. We would come in from the crisp air and the aroma alone was enough to renew my vigor after a hard day’s work.

Fall has so much to look forward to that instead of mourning the loss of Summer I want to welcome Fall with open arms and my favorite denim jacket. I look forward to being able to share with you the bright colors of Fall and some the activities in my mountains as we move ever forward in the river of time.

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13 thoughts on “September 22nd 2018. The First Day Of Fall

  1. Wow! That photo is literally jaw-dropping!!! Being in a tropical country, i really love it whenever I get to see and experience other weather conditions because if it’s not all sunny here in the Phils, it’s usually raining all day. Plus, the frequest storms haha

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    1. Thank you ❤ this picture is a couple of years ago. I am hoping that it is a bright colorful fall this year too. I have plans for Bridge Day. They close down one side of the New River Gorge Bridge in Fall and you can walk across it. They have people from all over the world that parachute jump from the bridge.


  2. Such a beautiful picture! I feel like spring, fall and summer make nature look so therapeutic… winter is just plain old white. Fall has such a beautiful explosion of vibrant colours, it’s as if the sun has gone but left it’s imprint on nature with its bright yellows, oranges and red. And yellow and red are my favourite colours so it’s a definitely a sight for sore eyes.

    “The smell of cooked tomatoes and carrots and a beef roast filled the house.” Sounds 😋, one of my favourite dishes is Lebanese lamb kofta tagine, lamb meatballs with tomato stew and couscous… thanks for the lovely reminder. 😉

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