Taking The Long Way

If I concentrate on it I can remember a time before Interstate Highways in my area. Every road was the scenic route and every road was the long way home. Oftentimes the road was a single lane and when you met someone coming from the other direction each would have to move one wheel off of the pavement so that there was enough room to pass. Most of the time people would idle in the middle of the road and have a conversation with their windows down. I can remember being late for appointments because two people sat in the middle of the road for several minutes with traffic backed up behind them on either side. Sometimes it lead to an internal conflict of protocol. Is it more rude to block the road or to interrupt the conversation?

Thankfully we now have social media and there’s no need to block traffic for a status update. In the 70s a car was usually large enough to seat 6 adults in relative comfort and quiet drives though the country was a good way to relax.

A slow drive through the mountains was rewarded with grand views of the valley below. If the road was remote enough you could spot wildlife on the edge of the forest. Time was more generous then and the slower pace allowed for one to experience life instead of spend it. We tend to think of an open road as a symbol of freedom but I have to wonder if we miss the point when we’re just reaching the next destination as quickly as possible.

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15 thoughts on “Taking The Long Way

  1. In bollywood there is a dialogue by Rajesh Khan (Super Star of his time) – ‘babumoshai zindagi badi honi chahiye lambi nahi’. After reading this post and most specially ‘experience life instead of spend it’ , it reminds me of this dialogue. Most iconic dialogue which means – Babu Mosahai life should not be long, should live it. 🙂 should watch this movie if you find it with English subtitle.

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      1. It Depends. I am trying to become self employed in a field that allows a lot of freedom. Hopefully it will be only a few years before my business is self sufficient enough to employ me. Then I will have a more open schedule. This is the Second time I have built a business. It’s a lot work but when it gets done it’s like riding a wave.

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