A Summer Throwback To A Day With A Bumblebee

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The slight sweet scent of multiple wildflowers lingers on the warm breeze as I meander along the edge of my forest. I live in an area known to be populated by rattlesnakes so I tread lightly and listen for the tell tale buzz that would let me know I’m not alone. I have lived in the area since the early 90s and only spotted a handful of rattlesnakes but they are definitely around. I don’t fear them but it’s wise to treat the one you didn’t see with respect. Eventually I heard a buzz but it wasn’t a snake. It was a busy little bumblebee lazily floating from flower to flower collecting pollen and nectar for her bread. She loves the Jewelweed and crawls right up into the flower as deep as she can often disappearing completely.

It took me a long time to get comfortable with any kind of bee after a bad experience with the European Bald Face Hornet as a young child. There was an empty wash tub upside down near the barn and I jumped on it. It was rusted out my foot went through the bottom and right into the nest. Hundreds of angry little warriors covered my foot and lower leg but fortunately couldn’t sting through the thick clothes if that era. However, the fear stuck with me up into adulthood. By facing my fear and forcing myself to get closer to them I can now even tolerate that black hornet and allow the wasps to get close.

The bumblebee is a great mom but a lousy business partner. She only makes enough honey and bee bread for her brood. No extra for the human who refused to clear out the weeds she feeds on. But that’s ok as long as she visits my garden too.

I snapped a few shots of her as she went about her chores and eventually left her to the tasks at hand.

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4 thoughts on “A Summer Throwback To A Day With A Bumblebee

  1. What a photo! I feel like I can just reach out and grab that bumblebee 🙂 I never knew that rattlesnakes make a buzzing sound. It’s so true how traumatic experiences leave us with a fear that unfortunately lingers.

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    1. Thank you Frances < 3 I like to use the bees as "target practice" for my lens. They offer enough of a challenge to keep my eye sharp and they do interesting things. Not only do rattlesnakes make buzzing noise ( with the tail of course) but it's so widely recognized as danger that some animals mimic the noise. Out West there's an owl that lives in holes in the ground and makes rattlesnake sounds when a predator is close to it's den. I've also seen non venomous snakes in my area vibrate their tails in dry leaves to try and make you think they're rattlesnakes.

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