The October Blue Jay Encounter

Hello Friends! Tonight’s Feature Image is titled “Promise In Blue 102220a” and is available for purchase by clicking the thumbnail and reaching out to me on the contact page.

As the waning days of the sun draw towards their eventual close the leaves drop and uncover the world of birds. In the summer months the hidden avian population fills the breeze with utterance from well concealed perches. But as the world changes and forests begin to sleep a window opens for us to gaze on our companions.

It was near the foot of Panther Mountain Road that they became curious about the big blue truck parked on the quiet country lane. Like all of the Corvidae family the Blue Jays are highly intelligent and intelligence leads to inquisitive moments. I’m certain that they had been following the truck as I made my forrey into their territory. When I came to a stop the male was the first to brave the open contact on a bare branch.

Image Titled “Promise In Blue 102220a” and is available for purchase by clicking the thumbnail and reaching out to me on the contact page.

His sharp eyes zeroed in on the open window of the cab. Naturally distrustful, he was determined to watch every move bade by the human behind the lens. After a few minutes he decided to circle around and sneak in a little closer to me. But what happened next reveals not just a high degree of thought but also sophisticated communication skills. With a few soft calls he brought out his mate who took a higher position in the tree. As soon as she signaled to him that she had her eyes locked on my position the male dropped from tree and flew unseen down the creek to pop up in the the trees on the other side of the bridge. His bride continued to observe but then a few more soft calls from the male and she began to move from branch to branch. She would drop to a lower branch and return to the top. Her tactics were successful because as I looked on trying to figure out what she was up to the male moved in and skimmed my windshield before taking up a branch directly above the truck. He squawks loudly above my head and when I stepped out of cab to see what he was up to the female flew unseen to cover and echoes his calls. My reflexes caused me to look to where she had gotten to and when I looked back the male was gone. I had been duped by a pair of birdbrains! I knew that I often stepped out of my door and had a Blue Jay cross my path and sound the alarm as it flew to warn other birds of an intruder but I never realized before that as I watched it’s antics it’s mate was probably sneaking away at the same time.

Thanks for spending time with me tonight and be blessed throughout your days.

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