The False Turkey Tail Fungus

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Dew drops rest aloft on the tips of the new grass like tiny streetlights for the hidden world beneath our feet. Below the crest of the this miniature jungle lays a population that’s ever present but seldom noticed. In my opinion the living soil is a machine far more complex than the minds of mankind are able to fully understand. Even with all our advanced technology we are just now recognizing the role of the fungi that are at the heart of our ability to thrive in this world. In Forage Friday #98 we looked at the Turkey Tail Fungus and all the benefits that this one mushroom offers and I mentioned that it has a look-alike in the False Turkey Tail Fungus. To the best of my knowledge this one has no food or medicinal values but it’s every bit as important to our survival as “Earthlings ” as it’s medicinal cousins.

Image Titled “False Turkey Tail Fungus 31721b”.

To the right of the page is the upper view of the False Turkey Tail Fungus. It has a really similar pattern of alternating bands. Typically it’s not found in grass or old leaves but on the sides of dead and dying trees or just the limbs. I can only guess that something knocked it down along with the twig in the Featured Image. The texture is more like dry leather or even thin bark than the Turkey Tail Fungus. It breaks down the wood into rich soil just like the other but if you flip it over you see that it’s not a polypore like Turkey Tail Fungus.

“False Turkey Tail Fungus 31721c showing gills.

The underside of this one has gills instead of pores. And if you’re using a mobile device to view the article it might be hard to see but there are tiny insects living in the gills. I’m not sure what type but maybe it’s springtails. The point is that the Almighty has set this mushroom aside for the insects to use. The mushroom breaks down the wood, the insects break down the mushroom and other soil life breaks down the dross left behind by the bugs. And the soil is renewed for a new tree to grow in. The new tree helps clean the air and bring the rain that helps the Fungus spread and the cycle starts over. What a wonderful world we’ve been given!

Good night friends and be blessed throughout your days.

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