A New Hunter In My Forest

Hello Friends! Tonight’s Feature Image is titled “Eastern Rat Snake 51621a” and is available for purchase by clicking the thumbnail and reaching out to me on the contact page.

The May sun is cooler than normal this year. I have been wondering if resident rat snake had made it through the winter. He lives in my sheds and we’ve learned to tolerate each other to a degree. Often I find him resting in some part of my lawn tractor and so that chore begins with a careful inspection of the moving parts to ensure that my natural pest control is safe from damage. If you missed last year’s post about rat snakes let me catch you up. The snake isn’t a pet. He’s a wild animal just like my songbirds and other wildlife on the property. However, He’s the only non-animal that regularly allows me to pick him up and so I gave him a name. I call him Decon because he deals with the mice. But he also disappears for long periods. We do also have a resident hawk and I’ve begun to wonder if Decon met his natural fate with the hawk. So when I saw the dark shape stretched out in driveway I thought that Decon had returned.

Image Titled “Eastern Rat Snake 51621b”. All photos found on my website are my original work and are available for purchase by clicking the thumbnail and reaching out to me on the contact page.

However, as I approach the snake it started to display it’s kicking posture. Something that Decon never did. It’s believed that this posture is an attempt to mimic a dead stick lying on the ground and thus is a form of camouflage. After all, a rat snake has only two defenses. Hide is one and stink is the other. It has absolutely no venom and it’s teeth are rather small and barb like. It still hadn’t dawned on me that this is not the same rat snake I’ve known over the past years. It wasn’t until I got closer and eye level with my lens that noticed the differences.

Image Titled “Eastern Rat Snake 51621c”.

This snake has more white on it’s face and a beautiful brown undertone in it’s coloration. I could be wrong but I think it’s also younger than Decon. It seems to have freshly molted as well revealing patterns in it’s skin.

Some people think that these patterns are the result of cross breeding with pit vipers. Nothing could be further from the truth. Rat Snakes lay eggs and pit vipers have live birth. I’m not sure but I also think that the chromosome count is wrong for cross breeding. Not to mention that rat snakes like king snakes will eat pit vipers. Which is another big reason why I allow rat snakes to have space in my sheds. The two species have been known to hole up together in winter but generally speaking pit vipers avoid areas with rat snakes. And since they have such a keen sense of smell they can tell where each other is living.

Image Titled “Eastern Rat Snake 51621d”.

And so I step a little easier knowing that these non venomous and non-aggressive Rat snakes are patrolling my yard. However, this newcomer is a little too close to the door. In my sheds he’s fine but the house and walkways are out of bounds. He wins a free ride in a bucket to the forest edges where there’s plenty of hunting and some large exposed rocks to sun on. And judging from his reaction to meeting a real live human he’d prefer to return to the forest. And so he did.

Announcement 2.0

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