Winter Solstice 2019

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Old Sol closes his sleepy eyes and settles behind the mountain for his long rest. The winter solstice has come at last. On December 22nd the sun must begin the long march to his rightful place in the sky. We won’t notice it at first but the light is returning to our world.

Yes, our coldest days of winter are still ahead of us but during those days the shadows will slowly ebb away. I refer to this as “The New Light” and as we draw closer to Christmas Day I’ll go into more detail about what I mean. Like many things in life I draw both natural and spiritual meanings from my observations. (I fully believe that we are spiritual beings having a natural experience)

We all have seasons of darkness in our lives. Times when we feel like the morning sun is taking forever to rise. But it’s the longest darkness that signals the end of the night. And the next night will be shorter.

So how did I celebrate the winter solstice today? With a nap. I laid back in my recliner with my Beagle mix and I rested and restored myself. I have come to the conclusion that often what we think of as a spiritual “long night” is simply fatigue. The modern world places a lot of demands on our lives. Life is energy and fulfilling those ever growing demands takes a lot of energy. Whenever I feel like the darkness is closing in on me I know it’s time to get some rest and let that energy reserve be restored.

So as the darkness passes through my mountains I am rebuilding my own energy and looking forward to the new light to gently return in the weeks ahead.

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The Long Night And Meaning Of The Lights On The Tree

Recently I made the comment that I was more excited about the 21st of December than I was for the 24th or 25th. The 21st of December is the longest night of year. And, when the dawn breaks on the 22nd the light returns to planet Earth. Most people are aware of the winter solstice and how the early church decided that it was just perfect for celebrating Jesus’s birthday.

Saint John 1:4-5

4 In him was life; and the life was the light of men.

5 And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

Simply put, the lights on a Christmas tree represent Jesus Christ as the light of the world.

The Appalachian Winter is one where we can have snow or rain or both for Christmas but the darkness of December is a constant. The steep incline of our hills and low angle of the sun makes the normally long night even longer. The darkness like sin seems to suffocate you. It brings a coldness that seeps into very core of your being. But just when you think it’s going to be dark forever the light breaks over a distant ridge and the cold night begins to retreat. The light returns and with it comes new life.

As I’ve studied the deeper meanings behind our Christmas decorations I’ve come to understand that the Christmas Tree itself is a microcosm of the Jesus experience. We can decorate the tree with all kinds of trinkets and bobbles and assign different meanings to them and make it a beautiful and artistic expression of our Christian faith but it’s when the lights are turned on that it comes to life and brings us joy.

So, that’s the meaning behind the Christmas lights. It’s the expression of new life coming into world and the exit of the long dark night.

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Lloyds Lens Slideshow.

I have been working on a short Slideshow today. I have a client who wanted to look over a selection of my photos so she can place an order. I really couldn’t find any reason not to share it here as well. 🙂

The Feature image was taken on the way to my day job and this spot is part of my daily life.

A little more about Beartown State Park.

The first time I stepped out onto the boardwalk in Beartown State Park I fell in love with all the wonderful angels and stairs. I’m comfortable navigating by landmarks such as Terrain but the boardwalk made me feel like I was in Middle Earth and about to meet the elves. The picture here was taken in the Fall and every time the breeze came along it showered us with brightly colored leaves. Tall ferns grow on the tops of the large rocks that line the edges of path. Beartown is a place where you can really recharge.

The Lost Art Of Being

I watched this bumblebee working on the thistle and became enamored with the simplicity of its life. She isn’t in a rush to complete a quota. She isn’t distracted by all the activity of the other insects. She’s just being a bee and doing what she was born to do. She seemed to take pleasure in her small uncomplicated life.

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” ~Lao Tzu

I sometimes wonder if the reason why everyone is always in such a rush is that we have left our natural purposes.

Somewhere, deep down inside we all know who we were born to be. It has nothing to do with jobs, social status or the expectations of others. It’s the thing that you do that causes you to lose track of time. When you look up and you’re amazed at how much got done without effort.

When you are just being what you were truly meant to be. That’s what happiness is.