Be Still and Know

“Be still, and know that I amGod: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.”
Psalms 46:10
King James Version (KJV)

Sometimes it’s hard to simply be still. As humans, we are creatures of action. We want to make things happen on our schedule. We desire to crack open a situation and “fix” it to fit into our plans. However, it’s not our plans that need to be completed. God has a plan and He is able to complete it. We have all had the experience of the over eager helper who means well but messes up the plan by doing the wrong thing at the wrong time. Or even when it’s right thing but at the wrong time.

Imagine that you have a classic car and you’re preparing it for a show. Your child wants to help and you’re overjoyed. Now, imagine that you’re soaping up the driver’s side and you look up to find the child waxing the unwashed passenger side. There’s a big smile on his face because he’s giving you his best effort and he’s proud because he hasn’t missed a spot. How often do we mess up God’s plans by trying to help but not doing it at the right time? How often do we try to polish a soul that God is still cleaning? I know that the verse above is normally quoted by folks who mean to inspire a sense of peace but there are times when God is simply saying “Step back a minute, I got this”. In those times we need to step back and let God deal with it.

12 thoughts on “Be Still and Know

      1. True, there is always a plan. It’s tricky to know whether we’re on the right course or not because we are only human after all. I guess, it’s through prayers that we gain understanding. In Islam we have this prayer called Istikhara which you perform if you’re stuck between two options and some people get dream with colours symbolising what the correct decision is or things play out exactly how it’s supposed to. Usually letting things taking its course is also an answer.

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      2. I’m actually Pentecostal/Apostolic. We believe in personal prophecy and look for confirmation from God. For example, I once had a visiting preacher quote back to me a prayer that I had prayed silently. His quote was verbatim and only God could have told him what I prayed. This let me know that I could trust the rest of what he said and instructed me to do.

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