Chasing Eagles And Morning Coffee

The cool morning air glides gently off of mountain and pools over the water’s surface. The only sounds I hear are chirps of dawn chorus as song birds wake from their perches and greet the day. An ancient mud turtle leaves his nest on the bank and swims to a sandbar and begins to sun himself. I drop the tailgate of my big blue truck and carry my camera in one hand and my coffee cup in the other. I only have a few minutes to soak in the peaceful morning but I only need a frame or two. I keep an eye out for the eagle that I spotted a while back. I’m hoping that God has ordained another meeting for us. I really want a good shot of him catching his breakfast. I have played out the scene in my imagination nearly every day but so far he’s managed to avoid being captured by my lens. There’s been a near misses where he’s just a fuzzy dot in the sky. Perseverance will pay off eventually. These are the thoughts I was having with my morning coffee when I noticed how gracefully the willow bent over to touch the water. The branches seemed to bounce playfully as the river lapped at the twigs. With the eagle successfully eluding the camera and the coffee running out I decided that the willow would be my subject of the day. I think that sometimes God allows us to have a goal that’s just outside of reach so that we will stretch ourselves. After all, it’s the moment that we rise to the challenge that we become more than we were yesterday. It’s more about the effort than the success. I believe that eventually I’ll take a great photo of that eagle. It will be a bittersweet moment for me because I have truly enjoyed the chase.

7 thoughts on “Chasing Eagles And Morning Coffee

  1. I love that area that you’re in. My mom and dad grew up Fayette County County and Nicholas County!! I have lived in several different states but my home will always be in West Virginia. Going up Gauley Bridge and all those curves I can remember as a child coming down off the mountain smelling brakes from semis smelling brakes before you come off the mountain. Thanks so much for your beautiful words and your beautiful pictures. Sometime soon Dad and I will be up that way to Holliday region at George Washington Carver. So much has changed along that way. In each year when we go up how much it’s changed in one year. God knew what he was doing what he made West Virginia. My last statement is I love those Falls at Gauley Mountain the prettiest I’ve ever seen him is in the winter time when they’re frozen over. Have a blessed day.

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