October Winds

The fall colors began with just a few leaves a couple of weeks ago. Now the color spreads like a fire across the mountains. As the cool green yields to the blaze of reds and oranges highlighted by yellows geese are crossing the sky in their familiar chevron formation. The October winds carry the leaves and deposit them on the sidewalks and driveways turning the landscape into an abstract painting. Somewhere in the countryside a father has just put his rake into the garage and while his back was turned his children are preparing for the ritual jump into the pile. He smiles as he hears the whispers and giggles. They’re the reason why he takes the time to use the rake instead of just grinding them up with the lawnmower. He steps fully inside and watches them through the kitchen window as the leaves are cast back into the sky. The slight chill in the air fortells that all too soon the colors of Fall will give way to the blank canvas of Winter.

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