Community Efforts

There’s a reason why the Glade Creek Grist Mill at Babcock State is one of the most photographed spots in West Virginia. No matter what time of year it is the old Mill never fails to please. I was to meet a very special client here a few days ago for portraits and I knew that I had to make the effort to be there early and capture a few shots for my blog. We’re very close to the Peak Color weeks of Fall. The landscape of Appalachia swims in warm colors. The rustic construction of the mill fits perfectly into the mountains. The texture of the cut stone and rough oak beams and planks are artfully assembled using techniques that are centuries old. Every stone tells a story about how gentle taps with a hammer and chisel free the blocks from the stone quarry. How they are shaped by the same hands who lovingly tap away. I was blessed to have met a man at art show a couple of weeks ago who told me about how his father cut some of the oak that was used to make the chute that carries the water which turns the wheel to grind the flour. As I look at the mill and imagine how in the days before store bought bread how many hands were needed to feed a community. Hands that worked the stone. Hands that cut the lumber. Hands that built the wheel. Hands that put it all together. Hands that grew the grain. Hands that milled the flour and hands that baked the bread. It’s very fitting that these same hands would come together to break that bread on special occasions. Even in the old days nobody had all the skills needed to thrive on their own. Places like the mill were community effort and a community is an extension of family.

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6 thoughts on “Community Efforts

  1. Hmm, this is interesting. New London doesn’t have that community feel always as most buildings were built by contractors… but there are also other ways to bring a community together. We have a youth club right in our apartment building that serves as a youth community hub with specific age restrictions and I see a lot of young boys including my cousin attend. We had a precious one which got destroyed after the brick fell down and it was mostly adolescents who went there whereas the youth stayed at home and played their video games. And now they are meeting together in the community hub, there are video games there and table tennis and I love this. Now they have a community and much needed friends outside of school as many do travel from different places to get to school, a lot of them don’t have the opportunity to meet outside. But the young boys in our area now have a place where they now have both friends at school and in their neighbourhood. Individuality is good, but community brings friends and friends brings happiness. I’m so glad to see that there are many initiatives in place!

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    1. Our communities are much the same way today. I was writing from a perspective of the past. The mill is still operating on a limited basis and I have had bread made from the flour that comes from there.

      Your local contractors are every bit a part of the community. The probably live in the area and contribute in other ways too. 😊

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