The Peaceful Passage

Walking down a quiet country road during the peak color of Fall is one of the most peaceful experiences that life has to offer. The crisp breeze coming out of the West fortells the change of season and soon the gray skies will overtake the Appalachian Mountains. But for now, bright yellows, deep reds and cheerful oranges are on display to warm the spirit. Large squirrels dart and play in the branches occasionally shaking the leaves free. Down into the little gully below I can hear the local wild turkeys as they scratch back the leaf litter looking for a meal. Some of the trees are already bare as the forest prepares to rest for the winter. Some of the songbirds have already gone South and on the day I took the picture I spotted several flocks of Canadian Geese flying in their chevron formation. As I walk a little farther I spot something wiggly crawling on pavement. A woolly worm in search of just the right spot where it can spin it’s cocoon and snuggle in while it transforms into a tiger moth. The old timers said that you could predict the winter by the amount of black on a wooly worm. The more black it has the harsher winter will be. This one was average but it remains to be seen if he was right or wrong. The light continues to fade away and soon my denim jacket is feeling a bit thin. The big blue truck waits with a tumbler of hot coffee and I am ready to head home to share my my thoughts and the treasure in my lens.

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