A Few Moments At Fayette Station

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The traffic speeds at a frantic pace on the interstate highway far above my head. But down at Fayette Station I’m well removed from that race. Today I have made the conscious choice to take the road less traveled and purposefully slow things down a bit. The wide spot near the bridge is barely enough for me to park the big blue truck but it’s well worth squeezing to the side of the road and stepping out. My Vietnam era military surplus boots make a noticeable clip clop sound on the wooden pathway as I step onto the bridge. It’s satisfying to me because it’s only the lack of traffic noise that allow them be heard and I’m in need of s little quiet time. Striding out over the New River I can feel the breeze that follows the river’s current. When I reach the approximate center I stop and lean on the railing so I can watch the water as it flows by. I become mesmerised by the swirls and rolls of the water as it crosses the rocks along the bottom and imagine how the submerged landscape must look. It’s not hard to envision the fish darting through little crevices in playful zigzag patterns. Somewhere upstream I can hear the cry of a red tailed hawk as it zips across the canyon. I continue to enjoy the solitude of this place for while with only the odd passerby on their way to the fishing spot just beyond the other end of the bridge. Soon it’s time to free up the parking spot in case someone else has plans to catch a breath of fresh air on the bridge and watch the water make it’s way through the Appalachian Mountains. As I cross the bridge in the truck I catch a glimpse of the hawk on it’s back to its spot on canyon rim and I too am on my way towards home.

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