The Traveler. A Light In The Window Of Heaven

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After breakfast Daniel and Malachi gathered their belongings and headed out in the direction that Alexandra’s stone pile triangle indicated. It has been several days since her group had ported and the trail had grown cold. Daniel examined the broken twig closely. The growing tip of the twig was still green and pliable which meant that it wasn’t broken by accident. He tested a second twig and found that it actually took a little bit of effort to break the twig rather than just bend it. He surmised that Alexandra was using this as a way to indicate the direction she was traveling. At that suggestion Malachi knelt down and lightly ran his finger over the soil. He placed a broken twig of his own in the soil like a peg and began to repeat the process until he had three pegs in a row. He cleaned the freshly fallen leaves from around the press and revealed the hoof prints underneath confirming Daniel’s theory. The horses were traveling single file which made it hard to guess the exact number but once a whole section of the trail was swept clear of the new leaf layer the amount of disturbance was large enough to be the group. They spent most of day following the small trail in the forest. Occasionally they would find a chevron shape either scratched in soft ground with a stick or scrawled on rocks and trees with charcoal from the fire. Daniel knew that this was Alexandra’s handiwork and felt that she’d left the marks specifically for him but he couldn’t account for how she knew he’d been tracking her. She hadn’t been in contact with her family since she took off on a wild whim to head west. Nevertheless these were the the same signs she used when they were children playing in the woods. Suddenly, Malachi stopped and pointed to a spot in woods where it looked like every branch in the forest had been broken. There had been a major fight between some of party members. The two men interpreted the tracks as best as they could. It seemed that the main part of the group stood off to one side while a smaller number of people were engaged in combat. At least one person had been wounded and a blood trail lead down into the landscape and disappeared. Daniel looked frantically down the main trail until he spotted one of Alexandra’s marks on an exposed stone. Whatever kind of fight had taken place she wasn’t a part of it. Daniel and Malachi continued to trace the group until they began to lose the daylight. They would need to camp for at least one more night. This time Daniel pulled another small box from his pack. Inside the box was a mirror and a frame that moved on a track. The box had a hole on either end. One hole fit his small spy glass and the other was slightly larger. It only took a few minutes for him to assemble the contraption which turned out to be a small projector lit by his carbide lamp. The frame held a few slides that he’d brought along however, these slides were not the typical family photos that one might project onto the wall of a parlor. The one he’d chosen to project was the same chevron that Alexandra had been marking the trail with. As soon as it was dark enough he cast the image against the clouds.

Alexandra sat on the edge of the main group and prepared to sleep on the forest floor another night. She was thankful that her bedroll had been attached to her saddle otherwise it would have went over the falls with her travel bags. She closed her eyes and said her prayers. She asked for God’s protection in this ordeal and when she opened her eyes she saw what she thought was the moonlight shining through the clouds in the very same shape as the signs she’d been leaving along the trail…

Good night friends and be blessed throughout your days.

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