The Traveler. Gaining Ground

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Alexandra woke up to sound of angry voices. There had been petty disagreements during this whole journey. Mostly over small stuff like when and where to set up camp for the night or the lack of variety in the menu at dinner time but until yesterday it had never erupted into violence. Captain Smith was not only losing control over the group of pioneers but he was also losing control over himself. When Mr. Granger questioned his leadership yesterday Captain Smith’s immediate response was to insist on a dual. He had even managed to recover a set of sabers from the wreckage below the falls just for that purpose. He also demanded that sabers be used because most of the groups firearms and ammo could not be recovered and that the remaining supply was needed for hunting and defense from bandits or savages. But Mr. Granger wasn’t a combat veteran and had never even held a sword before. He swung the weapon like a farm implement with little form or technique and Captain Smith easily countered the attack slicing Mr Granger’s forearm. Fortunately Captain Smith was content to banish Mr. Granger from the group instead of executing him for insurrection. He’d even allowed Alexandra to follow him into the woods and bind is wound with moss and pine bark. Now the morning’s commotion sounded like there might be a second incident. Captain Smith was very insecure about his decisions being challenged.

Daniel and Malachi had already been on the trail for a couple of hours when they encountered Mr. Granger. He was weak from blood loss and lack of food but otherwise in good health. He told Daniel and Malachi that the dual was over how and when to get back to the main trail and that it was Smith who demanded satisfaction over the debate. Malachi refreshed Mr. Granger’s bandages and directed him to go and make use of his camp and the medical supplies that were stored there. They provided Mr. Granger with ample food and water for the trip as well as a spare blanket. Daniel looked ahead down the trail knowing that he had catch up with the group before anything else happened. He was a hundred yards down the trail when Malachi caught up with him and blocked his path. “Don’t be foolish and charge in without a plan” the big man said. Daniel came to himself for a moment and then simply asked Malachi what his idea was. Malachi grinned and began to expound…

Good night friends and be blessed throughout your days.

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