Lover’s Leap Trail at Hawks Nest State Park in Ansted West Virginia

Our mountains are full of little trails. Pictured here is the Lover’s Leap Trail at Hawks Nest State Park in West Virginia. The legend tells of a Native American couple who would rather leap from the high cliffs than be separated. As you descend down the winding pathway, ancient and majestic trees line the sides of the rustic staircase. The walk down is easy but if you have long legs and large feet like me, the spacing is a little off and it’s easy to fall down. It isn’t until you look back up the trail that you really notice how steep the climb back will be. You might be tempted to turn around and climb back out early but don’t. As we’ll see in tomorrow’s post the view is well worth the effort.

Images of Oak Island North Carolina 2018

I have just finished editing my images of Oak Island North Carolina. At almost 50 years old I prefer the quiet beaches and small town feel as opposed to the large commercialized beaches. This area is teeming with wildlife. The brown pelicans make regular patrols up and down the beachfront as they foraged. I wasn’t really able to dedicate as much time to setting up photos as I wanted to so most of the images are shot from the hip during our daily walks along the shore or from the balcony of the condominium. (I highly recommend South Shores Villa, they were awesome!) I hope you enjoy the slideshow. I plan to use the images individually in the future.

Lloyds Lens Photography: Images of Oak Island North Carolina

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The Life of Wannabe Beach Bum. (Part 1)

Okay dear readers. I know that my posts have been a little on the short side over the past few days and there’s a reason. On very rare occasions I leave my beloved Appalachian Mountains and get to do a little traveling. I have brought my lens to the coast and have spent most of time catching up on some deep rejuvenating rest and capturing the spirit of the destination in my lens. At the end of my stay I’ll select the best from what I’ve captured and post them. I’ll probably do this as a slide show first and then use the individual images as inspiration hits.

Best wishes to all. ❤