The Walk Of A Lifetime

Hello Friends! Tonight’s image is titled “The Walk Of A Lifetime” and was taken in 2010 in Myrtle Beach.

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The morning sun peeks through the clouds and the crashing of waves echo through the salty air. The cool water washes over bare feet that seek the solace and freedom of a still empty shore. The only voices that break the rhythm of the tide are the cries of the seagulls. In this place and at this time the only thoughts he has are his and his alone. His heart speaks in whispers and spins dreams of the life ahead and of her. She has not left his mind since the first time he saw her backlit by the afternoon sun that caught in her long curls that made it look like she was glowing. She pretended not to notice his stare but he was trapped by moment. He was a man frozen in time by the manifestation of destiny. As he walks he relives the first date and the second and every date after that. Soon he has his answer as he spotted the second set of footprints heading for the fishing pier just ahead. He knew that it had to be her because even the way she walked was forever burned into his memory. His pace quickened as he spotted her standing by the pier looking out to see if she could spot the dolphins playing in the surf. She worked in the little shop at the entrance to the pier and it was her morning ritual to have a cup of coffee and watch the sea before opening the store. She was expecting him as he walked up behind her. She didn’t even have to look to know that it was him. Her eyes never left the sea as she handed him the second cup of coffee that she was holding in her left hand. As he accepted the cup he clasped her hand ever so gently causing her to turn to face him. She searched his face for a moment confused about what was happening until he produced the modest ring from his shirt pocket. Before he could form the words she said yes. That day the little shop at entrance to the pier opened up a little later than normal but nobody seemed to mind. All of the regular patrons were amazed that it had taken this long for her most loyal customer to pop the question that he’d never really gotten to ask. Exactly one month to the date they were married on the end of the fishing pier. Even the dolphins turned up to playfully express their well wishes at the moment that the vows were exchanged. They settled in and worked hard and eventually they bought the pier and spent the rest of their lives watching the dolphins play in surf and enjoying their morning coffee by the sea.

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A Perfect Day In The Gorge

Have you ever been asked about what your perfect for looks like? Some people describe the perfect day as winning the lottery and having the check delivered by their favorite celebrity. Who of course arrives on the back of a magical unicorn that you get to keep. While that’s an “interesting” vision and would make for an awesome day it’s not quite for me. I was never really awestruck by fame and rumor has it that unicorns are high maintenance. Lottery winnings might be nice though. But my perfect day would have to involve the freedom to roam the hills of Appalachia. I think I would like nothing more than to pick a trail along the river and slowly amble my way downstream while exploring all the little nooks and crannies that are seldom seen. I have even fantasized about packing up a fleet of canoes documenting all the rivers and streams in West Virginia. Perhaps even find some pre-columbian ruins and photograph mysterious petroglyphs before the elements obscure them forever. Or perhaps find a rare flower that has never been seen before. These were the dreams of my childhood. Not that fame and fortune were a bad thing but it was a lifestyle of simplicity and the wonder of discovery that I found attractive. And, while I may never really be the first person to stumble upon a grand discovery there is the very real possibility of seeing something that’s new to me. And that’s still awesome.

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Holding Onto Sunshine

There are days that are absolutely awesome. The birds are singing, the clouds are big and puffy, and sun is shining. A balmy breeze rushes through and seems to give you a hug as it passes on beautiful days like that. Warm summer days are days that are custom made for creating memories. A quick trip to the park or the lake and nothing to do except be with a loved one and hold hands while taking a leisurely stroll. I wouldn’t need a camera to have the image of such a day forever in my heart.

But, today is definitely not one of those days. Today we have a visitor to our wild Wonderful West Virginia. The the last tropical storm to make landfall on the Atlantic coast has decided that we need to enjoy it’s presence. The wind has been relatively quiet but the rain bands have pushed their way past the natural barrier of the Blue Ridge Mountains and are planning a few days of fun. In truth it means that those who have come to enjoy the white water rafting and kayaking will have a great time with our rivers swollen from the rain. It’s something that happens quite often this time of year. The sky is dark and foreboding and for a while every stream coming off the mountain is a miniature river. These are the days when I take the sunshine out of its bottle in the form of a photo. I’m instantly drawn back into that perfect sunny day. I can even smell the dinner being made on a grill.

We can’t expect that every day will be awesome. Rain has to fall and like everything else there will be days when we have more than we need at the moment. That’s life. On other days we’ll see more than out share of beautiful weather. My whole life I’ve been told to look on the bright side. As I’ve grown I’ve discovered that looking on the bright side is much easier when you carry the sunshine inside of you.

A Perfect Start To The Day.

Gently floating on the Kanawha River just above Kanawha Falls the fishermen works his line. I was a bit envious when I spotted him peacefully maneuvering his one man craft across the river. He seemed to be so free. The morning mists were cascading down the mountains and spilling out over the falls as he casts out and slowly retrieves the bait. The ducks on my side of the river slyly slip into the water unsure about the big blue truck that came to an abrupt halt near their perches. As I scan the water a trail of bubbles break the surface. That’s the tell tale sign of big mud turtle lumbering on the bottom. With my camera in one hand and my ever present coffee in the other I step out of the truck to enjoy nature for a few minutes and thank God for the new day. Silently, I wish the fisherman luck as I preserve the peaceful scene in my lens. The ticking of my internal clock urges me to resume my daily commute. The engine purrs and I check the mirror as I pull out taking the peaceful feeling with me as I drive away.

Nightfall On Summersville Lake

The hot summer sun slowly sinks into the West and I can feel the coolness of the night sweep across the Lake. On the other shore near the sunset I can hear the doors of cars shutting as the engines pur to life and the swimmers make their way home. The smell of food cooked over an open flame lingers in the air. Small birds begin to skim across the water catching insects. The bird songs soon give way to the chirping of crickets and the occasional sound of a treefrog close to the shore. Deeper into the woods the hair raising cry of a screech owl rings out as he challenges his rivals for territory. Soon the evening star raises over the mountains signaling an end to the day. The headlights of my big blue truck come to life when I use the remote to unlock the door. It’s time to ease back up the gravel road and go process the images of the day.