Cathedral Falls,  A Natural Sanctuary

About one mile East of Gauley Bridge West Virginia is Cathedral Falls.  The cascade of water is about 60 feet high and the stream that feeds the falls is call Cane Branch.  The little roadside park is easy to access so I stop by often.  The path to the base of the falls is left in what is best described as a natural state. If you are sure-footed it’s no big deal.  I water is only ankle deep in most places and if you can avoid slippery rocks you can walk right up the stream.  If you can be there in the right light it’s one of our best photo ops.  The image here was taken in the Spring.  The air at Cathedral Falls is highly oxygenated due to the cascade.  It’s a good place to go and just quietly exist as part of God’s creation.  The cascading water seems to carry away the stress and anxiety that clings to the soul after a day of making modern life work.  Green ferns and moss grows everywhere in the canyon.  Birds and butterflies are often present.  The birds sing their songs and butterflies seem to dance to the tune.  

Cathedral Falls is one of God’s special spots.  I’m happy to share it with you but you should see it for yourself.