Shift Change

I stood there by the water’s edge as the morning sun smiled down on the Kanawha River. The fog rose sleepily from its bed just below the falls and continued upwards to become clouds. The cool mists are something to be enjoyed before the heat of the day becomes unbearable.

As I sip my morning coffee and watch the awakening of nature the last echo of a night bird calling from it’s roost falls on my ears. I don’t really know if it was bidding me good morning or if it was finally saying good night after being on the third shift. I listened for a few minutes. There was no second call. My friend was bedded down for the day. I took another drink of coffee and whispered “sleep well my friend. Day shift has you covered”.

By now the fog was cleared from the river and from my head. It was time to make good on my promise to the night bird and climb back up into the big blue truck and head to my day job.

Morning Coffee

Pictured above is the trestle bridge at Gauley Bridge West Virginia. The Gauley River was peaceful and calm when I stopped at the convenience store to top off my morning coffee. You can see the last pylon from the old bridge still standing in the water.

Once part of American Civil War the remnant of the old bridge now imparts a peaceful feeling as I look out over the cool green water. Just beyond the trestle is the point where the Gauley River meets the New River to form the Kanawha River. The flat water seems to be popular with kayak enthusiasts who paddle up stream to relax on some large flat rocks and play in the shallows. The place always seems to give me nice reflection for my lens as well. After taking a few deep breaths I pulled myself away from the urge to call off work and headed back onto the highway slightly heartbroken due to leaving such a peaceful scene.


Like most photographers I own multiple cameras. I normally have my minimalist kit everywhere I go. Most of the images that I share on my blog are taken with my phone. I have a Samsung Galaxy 6 Active which has served me well for landscape and general photos. I also have a Panasonic Lumix which is a high end point and shoot that is several years old. I like it for the 400 mm lens even though it’s only an 8 MP. That’s what I used to zoom in on the little bird whom I have named Grumps. He landed on the picnic table outside my day job and gave me that “I haven’t had my coffee” look and since I don’t want any copyright violations with a well known game I couldn’t resist the name. Okay little guy, I’ll let you get some coffee before the next shot.  I guess this is look you get when you’re not the early bird and worms have been gotten already.  😂