The Ghost Boat

I have been told that if you take enough pictures eventually something strange will turn up in one. With that said I absolutely no explanation for the fishing boat shaped hole in the water in this image. The picture was taken just a few days ago at Kanawha Falls West Virginia. I suppose it’s just an odd wave rolling over a submerged object. That is, unless you believe that ghosts like to go fishing. πŸ˜‰

10 thoughts on “The Ghost Boat

    1. We would call that a dryed. I do believe in demons and devils and evil spirits but as a Christian I do not fear them because we believe that Jesus gave us power over them. ( As a Pentecostal exorcism is performed by the congregation instead of a special priest like the Catholic church)
      But, I honestly think it’s a either a rowboat that sunk in the river or because it’s a panoramic and with modern panos strange effects often turn up during the stitching process.

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