Holding The Moment

To sit quietly by the water and allow the rush of the falls to carry away the cares of the outside world is one of the finest experiences on Earth.

The cool mists produced by the cascading water drifts gently by caressing my skin. The air is rich with the scent of wet stone driftwood. Small birds skim the pool beneath the falls as I just sit quietly and exist as a part of creation. Life should always be more of an experience than an existence. As often as I have written about how time flows without any pause there are exceptions. If you can just push away the outside world for a moment and fully absorb the peace that comes then you can freeze time in your memories.

8 thoughts on “Holding The Moment

    1. Thank you <3. It's a long time exposure. If you close the aperture in the lens down tight and leave the shutter open for a few seconds it makes anything that's moving show up as a streak. With moving water the water gets all soft and silky. Because the rocks don't move they stay in focus and take on a deep rich color and texture. 😊

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  1. “Life should always be more of experience than existence.” Ugh i loved this line. Very very true. Live in a world you create, or you want to create and just have fun. I wonder how you captured this, seriously, how? That must’ve been really hard eh? Great photo!!! Super love it!!!

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