Enjoying a few minutes at Kanawha Falls.

I revisited the same little clump of trees that photographed a couple of months ago during a winter flood. ( This spot floods almost every time it rains.) I wanted to get Spring version of the spot under simular conditions because I wanted to do a series that shows seasonal progression of the same spot. This one has the hydroelectric power plant in the background. I’m told that plant provides electric power for the foundry just a few miles down river. This is also a popular spot for fishing because the walleye wait for smaller fish that are stunned by the falls. For me it’s a great place to stop and catch a few moments of peaceful contemplation occasionally. I hope everyone has a little place to quietly sit down and decompress. Life is short and the rat racing is best left to the rats.

Glade Creek Grist Mill at Babcock State Park 4.29.18

I love the old Glade Creek Grist Mill at Babcock State Park in West Virginia. I have been told that it’s the most photographed mill in North America. It always has an awesome scene to capture no matter what the season. The mill was actually built from the recovered pieces of other mills that had shut down. West Virginia is known for its coal mining but we have a lot to offer in green energy too. Our rivers and streams are in perpetual motion and capable doing a lot of work. This mill is still operating seasonally and grinds grain but others in the past milled lumber for our timber industry.

This image was taken last Sunday prior to meeting with a client for portraits. (Yes, I do portraits too 😁 anyone in southern West Virginia that is interested in portraits can contact me either on my website contact page or message me on Facebook)

Wading Trees at Kanawha Falls

The rainy season is upon the Appalachian Mountains. The small roadside park below the local hydroelectric dam floods often but today the water was only up to the parking lot so I decided to stop and see if any pictures presented themselves. I used to able to capture some decent shots of the falls here but the trees were allowed to grow along the shore. The sandbar willow trees that grow along the bank of the river are allowed to grow as a form of erosion control and I think allowing nature to take it’s course was a good option. By the time I got to the spot the fog had obscured the falls anyway. However, I was not disappointed with the effort. This clump of trees seemed to be shouting “PICK US MISTER! PICK US! as they proudly stood there in the water’s edge. Who am I to resist when mother nature volunteers to pose for portrait? Life is about opportunity. Take advantage of every moment and opportunity will present itself.

Golden Dawn on the Kanawha River 

This image was also taken the morning of October 28th 2017.  The building on the left is the hydroelectric power plant that supports the local foundry.   The Kanawha Falls seen here are part of system that incorporates a manmade dam with the natural beauty of the falls.  The light in spot doesn’t always cooperate with the lense but this time the sky made up for past disappointments.